Avast Online Security

Grade and check the security of the webapges that you visit


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If you trust in the security and services of avast! Antivirus, this Chrome extension is for you.

This is a plugin from avast! that brings its security features online, thanks to which you can see ratings that other users of the extension give to each search result, information that will help you make better decisions when you're searching the web.

In addition to viewing the level of security of websites and webpages, you'll also be able to add your own rating to any site you want, voting with a single click on the Avast icon that will be added to your Chrome web browser.

avast! Online Security compiles information from phishing sites and allows you to create your own trusted pages using the reputation of websites that have information compiled by more than 160 million users. Meanwhile, it will warn you when you visit sites with a bad reputation or inadequate security.

The extension also displays a content rating system, identifying news, technology, pornography, or piracy.

avast! Online Security makes an extra function available for users of the program Avast: SiteCorrect, an automatic redirection service that brings you from incorrectly-typed URLs to the intended site.
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